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Nocturnal river view with windmills

E. Ramier

Small painting on panel by an artist only known by their signed name, E. Ramier. Several paintings from their hand are known, and they tend to depict atmospheric riverscapes. Ramier shows their quality in the reflections of the moonlight and artificial light in the water. For painting the moon and the reflection of the silvery moonlight on the water, Ramier applied the paint thickly, adding extra reflections. 

About the artist

E. Ramier is the name of a painter we only know from the paintings that exist from their hands. Ramier's quality is in the depiction of riverscapes with atmospheric lighting, and the treatment of light. Based on style and materials used, it is most likely Ramier worked in the nineteenth or early twentieth century as a dilettante. 

Medium Oil on panel
Dimensions 15,5 x 22 cm
Price € 750
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