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About Klooster Fine Art

At Klooster Fine Art we offer you works of art by surprising, often lesser-known artists, working in the sphere of influence of the avant-garde. These artist often produced surprising and beautiful work, waiting to be discovered by new generations of collectors of beauty.

Klooster Fine Art is an emerging art dealer founded by art historian Maarten van 't Klooster. The main focus of the collection is on paintings and drawings from France, Belgium and The Netherlands, dated around 1850-1930.


About Maarten

Maarten has worked in several museums and teaches art history in adult education. He has specialized in French art of the long 19th century (ca. 1790-1930), and the history of reception of art. He also has a special interest in painting frames and their history. Examples of his writings, and courses can be found at his personal website (Dutch).


If you have any questions or are looking for a particular type of painting, do feel free to leave a message here.

At Klooster Fine Art, we care about the condition of all the works in our collection. As such we work closely with specialized conservator Atelier IDDI, to make sure all our works are in optimal condition.


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